Worlds Apart – Book One of the Politico Series.

Layla Mansour is a political staffer that loves her current life. When she and her best friend Marco take a trip to Canada, she meets the up and coming actress Isabel Martin and sparks fly. Relationships are hard enough as it is, so can two people with budding careers make it work long distance? Especially if those careers are worlds apart?

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Debut novel!?! Oh my. If this was the debut I cannot wait for the second, third, fourth act. The characters are smartly written and it was a joy to see a book portray smart, funny, driven women of color as not side characters but as the MC. Loved the sweet side of this book as well. Congratulations on a winner of a book.

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Run – Book Two of the Politico Series.

Book two focuses on Sasha, deputy attorney general for the state of Oregon as she works on facing her past and deciding her future. For the majority of her life, Sasha has kept people at arms length, never letting anyone in. When a chance encounter with a beautiful woman and a work opportunity fall into her lap much sooner than she expected, can she work through the trauma of her past and finally let love in?

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“One of my favorite books of 2021! I was such a fan of Sasha in the first book and was excited to hear more about her story. It was also great to get an update on the characters from the first book. I love the way the author weaves together the stories in this world and look forward to her next book.”

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