Isis Brown is a self-published author of lesbian fiction who lives, works, and plays in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She is the child of brave Middle-Eastern parents who immigrated to the United States to offer their children a life with opportunity.

When not working during the day in the fast paced world of politics, she loves to travel, spend time with her wife and child, and eat delicious food (though sadly, she cannot cook to save her life).

An avid reader, she often found herself and people like her either not in books at all, or just the sassy sidekick. She believes that BIPOC women should have their stories told, too.

You can reach Isis via email at isisbrownwriting@gmail.com, and she hopes you’ll join her where she is most active on social media – on twitter at @isisbrownbooks

What’s in a Name?

I can imagine what some of y’all are thinking. Why on earth would an author choose a pen name like Isis. For many of you, that name isn’t a name at all – it’s an acronym for a group of violent people that don’t deserve any more time on this page. However for many of us, Isis is the name of a powerful ancient Egyptian Goddess. I grew up knowing and looking up to her – so there was a desire for me to reclaim the name, what she really stood for, as I chose a pen name for myself.

If you’re curious, I encourage you to learn a bit about her via some ancient Egyptian mythology, and join me in celebrating a total badass.

So here’s to Isis. The protector of women. The bringer of magic.